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lightbox CAD schematic, general viewAll the measures are in millimeters. The last two pictures are hand-drawn schematics.

lightbox CAD schematic without tubeslightbox CAD schematic, aluminium sockets 



materialsThe box is a modified scanner. This is one of the best solutions because a great part of the work is already done, it looks much more clean and professional, the glass is already placed, and there is a cover useful for pressing the board against the footprint.

I'm using white fluorescent tubes, not ultraviolet ones. Fluorescent tubes are usually connected to magnetic ballasts but I bought the more efficient electronic ballasts. Excluding the scanner the total cost was 28€.


Scanner disassemble

scanner disassemblescanner disassemblescanner disassemblescanner disassemble 


Aluminium sockets

Aluminium sockets used for fixing the fluorescent tubes to the wood panel and being powered.

aluminium panelcut and holed socketsa socketa socket 


Wood panel

All the sockets are screwed to a wood panel covered by a few layers of paper which reflects light in a uniform way.

wood panelwood panelcovering with papercovered with paper 


Putting all together

The electronic ballasts are placed under the wood panel, which is screwed to the scanner and rests on top of some wood pieces.

placed ballastspower cablepower cablewiresplacing the wood panelwood piecesplaced wood panel 


Finished lightbox

lightboxIt just needs to be connected to a 220VAC plug, place a footprint under a phosentitive board and cover it.