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Average quality [3/5]

CLK³CLK³          2007-Aug-3
Binary (BCD) alarm clock. Circuit based on a PIC microcontroller and application written in assembly language. Homemade aluminium box (including CAD schematics). Time and alarm are set using four switches and shown by 20 LEDs.


pic³progpic³prog          2007-Aug-5
PIC and dsPIC programmer. It's connected to the PC by the parallel port and can be used from any operating system. Includes sockets for programming any Microchip microcontroller within a PDIP package, and ICSP cable so you can program it without being removed from the circuit where it is placed.


Tiny projects [1/5]

picdub18picdub18          2007-Dec-26
Development board without integrated peripherals for 8-bit PIC in PDIP-18 sockets, ready for being programmed externally by ICSP


UVRCUVRC          2007-Aug-6
Voltage regulator used for plugging an mp3 player which doesn't allow external power to the 12V plug of a car.